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Pro-Pointers are tips provided by our professional Mike Waugh.

Pro-Pointer "Tips for the Cooler Seasons" PDF Print E-mail

October 4, 2012

As the temperatures get cooler you should hit more club on your approach shots. As we need to wear more clothing swing is more restricted. When it's cooler golf ball doesn't come off club face as fast. Ground will stay softer from rain as the days are shorter and grass is growing at a slower pace.

Also...hit all pitch shots to top of flag...anything less that a full swing pitch shot, try to hit the the flag. For 99% of us we come up short on these less than full swing pitch shots. If you are in the 1%...GOOD FOR YOU!!! KEEP PITCHING THEM CLOSE!!

Mike Waugh PGA

Pro-Pointer "100 5-7 footers or drive for show, putt for dough!!" PDF Print E-mail

August 6, 2012

Next time you plan to practice, instead of banging out driver after driver...putt 100 5-7 footers...takes about 20-30 minutes.

Usually each week on the PGA/LPGA/CHAMPIONS TOUR  we see a statistic regarding the # of putts made inside 10 feet. Those that are winning tournaments are making a high percentage...those not...?????

Improve your score and have more fun by making more putts!!

Mike Waugh PGA

Pro-Pointer "Better Start to Your Backswing" PDF Print E-mail

August 2, 2012

Many golfers lose their swing the moment they take the club back by picking the club up quickly vice a lower, slower backswing. To help get a low/slow feeling, place a ball 5-6 inches behind the path of your backswing. As you take the club back roll the ball beyond your back foot. Do this 5 times before you start hitting balls.

Mike Waugh PGA

Pro-Pointer "Bunker Shot - Open Club Face" PDF Print E-mail

July 6, 2012

I was giving a bunker lesson this week and it reminded me of a basic that most golfers struggle with.  If you watch a really good player hit a bunker shot notice how much the face is open.  This allows the club to impact the sand with the bottom, or bounce of the club vice the leading edge which causes the club to dig in.  The face of the club is open enough if you can put a coin on the club face and it won't fall off...Try it.....The good players do.

Mike Waugh PGA

Pro-Pointer "Weak Grip" PDF Print E-mail

June 5, 2012

90% of the average golfers play with a grip that is too weak. Has nothing to do with how tight you hold the club, it is where the hands are located.

As you are looking down at the ball, without moving your head, glance with your eyes and see how many knuckles on the top hand you can see. For most it is none or barely one. You need to see at least two and three would be OK. The bottom hand should feel like you are under the grip and not on top... bottom hand palm facing the sky. This will not eliminate the "dreaded" slice most golfers hit....But should help.

Mike Waugh PGA

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